Enhanced Direct Enrollment (EDE)

No redirect for any enrollment scenario.

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Enroll more clients with Enhanced Direct Enrollment.

Enhanced Direct Enrollment (EDE) is a new standard created by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to simplify enrollment in health plans sold through the Federally Facilitated Marketplace (FFM) for the 2019 Open Enrollment Period, allowing brokers and consumers to start and finish their health insurance enrollments on a single website. Eliminating what has been known as the HealthCare.gov “double-redirect” makes enrollment easier, allows health insurance carriers and brokers the ability to service their customers more efficiently, and aims to decrease high drop-off rates. The new technology is good for consumers, brokers, carriers, and even for states that chose not to build their own exchanges. AgentExpress is the first ACA enrollment platform with a full phase 3 EDE implementation live within the platform.

What does EDE do for agents?

What are the phases of enhanced direct enrollment?

Enhanced direct enrollment has what are known as phases of implementation. While each phase eliminates the Healthcare.gov redirect for some, within phase 1 and phase 2, enrollment scenarios exist which still require a double-redirect. Phase 3 is the most robust implementation of EDE and allows for single-site enrollment of all complex household cases. AgentExpress is the first ACA enrollment solution to go live with a full phase 3 implementation.


What does EDE functionality cost on AgentExpress?

What do brokers need to prepare for enhanced direct enrollment on AgentExpress?

With EDE, the power of service is once again back in the hands of the agent. With no redirect for all enrollment cases the enrollment process is faster, allowing agents to enroll more consumers during the limited Open Enrollment period and easily service clients year round.

GetInsured powers states, brokers, and carriers.

GetInsured was a pioneering participant in the early CMS discussions on how to best build an enhanced direct enrollment pathway and the first company to go live with a Phase 3 Enhanced Direct Enrollment implementation. Using the company’s best-in-class technology, while still adhering to CMS regulations and best practices for consumer experience and security, this solution allows carriers, brokers, and states across the country to easily utilize EDE to simplify enrollment.


How can EDE work for you?

Individual Broker & Agency

  • Free ACA quoting & enrollment
  • Agency management tools
  • Post-sale support

State-Based Marketplaces

  • End-to-end, all-in-one solution
  • Rich configuration options
  • QHP & Medicaid integration
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Carriers and Health Plans

  • Modernize enrollment
  • Scale membership
  • Reduce administrative costs
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